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 The SmartWallTM-System is the UK brand for JUWO Poroton blocks of our partner Evolved Supply


We recommend the broshures and the website of Evolved Supplies and the Furte is SmartWall


The JUWÖ Evolved SmartWallTM

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JUWO SmartWallTM
 Building Systems

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Please download:
Presentation of the company and the SmartWall-System (ThermoPlan-System)

Site Report - in 5 days with 3 men to the complete building shell

Clay blocks versus Timberframe: Advantages of solid wall construction and difference to timber constructions


Very helpful: Technical overview (SmartWall) ThermoPlan blocks - System here



JUWO Poroton is registered by British board of Agrément (BBA) for the UKCA mark: The named blocks of ThermoPlan system (SmartWallTM-System) have been checked in compliance with the construction products regulation and the construction products (EU Exit) regulations 2020 (Certificate Nr. 22/F6414)



Products and technical overview



Products and technical overview

   Download the broshure (pdf) by clicking here

The Hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Great Wall of China, the largest man made object on the planet and the only one seen from space; the Hagia Sophia one of the most beautiful churches ever built; the structure of the Taj Mahal and the Colesium in Rome all have one thing in common, they were built in clay Blocks.

JUWO POROTON Werke has been owned and managed by my family since 1862 years,we always understood the importance of clay block. We have used our tradition and expertise built up through 5 generations and our commitment to inovation to turn clay Blocks into the building material for the 21st century and beyond.

JUWO believe now more than ever that our homes should be safe, secure, healthy and sustainable places to live. We are proud to say we have achieved this with our range of JUWO POROTON Blocks.

My promise is to continue to offer our family based service and our market leading productsto all our customers both old and new like what we have been doing since 1862.

Stefan Jungk