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The "dipping"-System

Important! We suggest the handling with the VD Mortar system

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Note: Safety data sheet Thin joint mortar Maxit here


Lay the damp-proof course on a thin mortar bed on the slab or substructure. Group 3 mortar should be used (for this course only).

Cover The DPC with a further amount of mortar and accurately level the bed joint using the levelling rails or setting blocks. Position the first block and ensure that it is accurate in plumb and alignment.

Place a second block at the next corner / opening - string a line between - then lay the first course directly onto the mortar bed. Do not twist blocks to "settle" - use a rubber mallet to gently tap them down

Thin Bed Mortar should be mixed with 8 Ltrs. of clean, cold water per bag - max 2 bags at a time. Mix thoroughly with a power stirrer and allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Mix until the mortar has a honey-like consistency or like a chocolate cream yoghurt

Meng de kleefmortel met behulp van een mixer volgens de voorschriften van de fabrikant

Dip the block not more than 5 minutes into the mortar, ensuring full mortar coverage of the bottom surface and position the block on the wall.

The block is placed against the toothed edges of the previous one before being lowered into position. Eventually a structural monolithic thermally insulated wall is produced with mortar free perpend joints. A perfect, consistent background for plasters and renders!

Set one block after the other

Just perfect!

Video-Stream in time laps