A brickhouse: For better building and better living

The advantages of a monolithic (single leaf) clay block wall out of ThermoPlan clay blocks from JUWÖ


A comfortable living environment in winter and summer

 A comfortable living environment in winter and summer

The characteristics of an agreeable living climate are:

  • a pleasant room temperature all year round
  • ideal humidity levels
  • dry walls
  • healthy indoor air

With their outstanding thermal insulating properties and their ability to store heat for long periods, clay blocks create a pleasant ambience and room climate. A house built of clay blocks is always comfortably warm.

The monolithic clay block wall provides a unique combination of thermal insulation and heat storage.

And what is more, it is pleasantly cool in summer!! Clay blocks are unique in offering high thermal insulation with equally high heat retention properties. This natural air conditioner ensures a relatively constant indoor temperature as well as protection from the heat in summer. No other building material is capable of the same.

The diagram gives a clear illustration of this "phase shift and amplitude attenuation" hier.

bigger image here

Lowest moisture content of all comparable building materials


The higher the level of moisture is, the worse the thermal insulation.

The general rule of thumb is: for every one percent more moisture, thermal insulation is reduced by approx. 10%.

Clay blocks are dried and then fired during the manufacturing process. They have the shortest drying time and the lowest residual moisture of all comparable building materials.

This is particularly true when comparing them with blocks containing binding agents (cast stone, lightweight concrete), the final drying of which takes up to 3 years or more. Clay blocks thus provide thermal insulation from the very beginning.

Illustration of the relation between moisture and heat insulation

Real benefits right from the start

High thermal insulation blocks save money.

  • Additional insulation is unnecessary.
  • With dry clay blocks, the thermal insulation is effective right from the start and this results in considerable savings on heating costs immediately.
  • Any costs resulting from mould growth are as good as ruled out. The stable form of the clay block combined with the recommended plaster lowers the risk of cracks forming subseqently.

Ecological leader

Ecological and sustainable building - at best monolithic (plastered inner face, clay brick, rendered outer face) - finished

  • The façade built as a monolithic wall without any artificial insulation is free of harmful biocides. (The biocidal treatment of fungal and algae growth poses problems with artificial insulation systems.)
  • Compound thermal insulation systems are more susceptible than a rendered monolithic wall and they have a limited lifespan (max. 30-40 years). After that the façade has to be disposed of as hazardous waste. This is not only absurd from an ecological aspect, but also very expensive. - This insulation mania will cause considerable ecological problems in the future!
  • Production in the most modern facilities in Germany (The building was funded by the Federal Ministry of the Environment.)
  • The Institut Fresenius confirms: JUWÖ clay can even be used as healing clay.
  • JUWÖ is certified according to Eco-Label III by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. This openly presents all the data on the clay block - from the extraction of raw materials through manufacture to recycling - creating transparency und comparability in the market.
  • The ThermoPlan system has been checked by LABC for compliance in accordance with English and Welsh Building Regulations
  • JUWO Poroton is SIG Aussured: All products meet essential regulatory compliance.
  • All JUWO blocks are certified with the newest Environmental Product Declaration JUWÖ - EPD under Norm ISO 14025 und EN 15804



High thermal insulation - high climate shelter

JUWÖ clay blocks meet present and future requirements for maximum insulation in monolithic construction without additional insulation on the external wall.

Outstanding thermal insulation from the beginning with a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.08 W/mK and below. This allows the construction of energy efficient buildings including passive houses.

Tip: Actual thermal insulation even higher:

The clay blocks are relatively heavy due to their high density and store natural energy from the sun longer than all other types of building material, thus saving additional heat energy.

This effect was scientifically proven, for example, by Prof. Fehrenberg in an examination of two rented properties with brick walls: one building received additional insulation, the other did not. Beforehand, the heating costs of the two buildings had been more or less the same. Since then, the heating costs for the modernised building have risen approx. 13% per year more than for the house not modernised. Explanation: the clay bricks store natural energy from the sun and thus prevent loss of heat energy. This effect is lost with additional external insulation. (Source: Welt am Sonntag,)


Extremely high compressive strength

JUWÖ ThermoPlan clay blocks have very high compressive strength values. Here are some examples:

Interior walls, insulated external walls, cavity walls: - the strongest brick in the world

TP 240 TS² Quadrat: 20.2 N/mm²

TP 175 TS² Quadrat: 17.9 N/mm²

Insulating exterior walls:

ThermoPlan TP 300/14: 16.4 N/mm²

ThermoPlan TP 300/12: 15.1 N/mm²

ThermoPlan TP 365/10: 14.4 N/mm²

ThermoPlan TP 300/10: 14.4 N/mm²

ThermoPlanS 300/9: 14.4 N/mm²

Minimum upkeep costs and value retention 100- year lifespan - guaranteed appreciation in value

A house built of clay blocks requires hardly any maintenance for decades and therefore the cost of its upkeep is very low. A brick-built house is also a safe investment which you can really use and experience now -not in a virtual world, abstract or perhaps never.

  • Tried and test clay block building material
  • Solid construction
  • Very low cost of upkeep
  • High resale value

Perfect assembly

The optimized process of building with the JUWÖ clay block walling system offers considerable advantages in construction:

  • Security in a perfectly coordinated construction system
  • Simple, fast, efficient
  • High quality finish
  • Savings in labour and wages – up to 35% and higher
  • 90% less mortar, therefore 90% less moisture in buildings
  • Uniform plaster base with virtually no joints

Maximum fire protection


The clay block has already been through fire. Therefore, a house built of clay blocks offers the highest possible standards of safety and protection against fire:

  • Non-flammable clay block
  • Solid construction
  • Long resistance times up to 120 minutes
  • No toxic gases

Warning of fire men (klick Fire - Foto)

Tipp: Stream Video of a big fire of appartment-buildings (Timberframe-construction) in London (klick on picture)

Universal application

Clay blocks are universal and flexible in use - from detached houses to multi-storey buildings:

  • Complete range of clay blocks for exterior and interior walls
  • High compressive strengths
  • Solid, quality construction
  • Clay blocks for sound-proof walls


JUWÖ clay blocks are certified:

  • According to the highest European Standard CE 2+
  • According to the standards of Zurich Building Assurance
  • According to Eco-Label III by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.
  • According to belgian BENOR