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Drilling, cutting and fixing

Very easy!

DO NOT USE HAMMER / PERCUSSION ACTION - doing so will crack the inner core of the blocks and lead to oversized hole creation.

Conventional TCT or Diamond tipped drilling tools and core bits should be used to drill the blocks.

UX- R Universal Plug Range: For light duty fixings - electrical fittings, bathroom accessories, small cupboards, skirting boards etc

FUR - T Frame Anchors Range: For standard door sets, timber rails and battens, light duty shelving etc.

A range of fixings for various applications from the Fischer Fixings System range of mechanical anchors. is available. These fixings have been selected and tested for use in ThermoPlan range of internal and external blocks. A selection of sizes are shown below: Please contact us or Fischer Fixings UK for further details

FIS - V Injection Mortar System: For heavy or dynamic loads - large door frames, kitchen wall cupboards, toilets, sinks