A brickhouse: For better building and better living

The ThermoPlan® S8 The desire to build!

The ThermoPlan® S8 The desire to build! 

A block with no ifs and buts : Natural, ecological, robust and economical. The benefits at a glance:

Comfortable room temperature all year round :

Ideal humidity level, dry walls, good air quality. Warmin winter and pleasantly cool in summer

Lowest relative moisture content :

the less moisture content in a building material, thebetter the thermal performance. This is particularlyrelevant to grey and white masonry blocks which needup to 3 years to dry out thoroughly. The S8 iscompletely dry before delivery.

Eco-friendly build - healthy living:

the S8 is composed of full recyclable, natural raw materials.

Excellent thermal insulation :

The S8 has good thermal mass , is dry and has thermalvoids. This guarantees prolonged heat storage andwindtight external walls.

Reliable fire protection : European class for fire resistance REI-M 90

The S8 is non-combustible and solid. It provides the highest levels of protection from fire. Best value for money and minimal maintenance: A home built with the S8 will require very littlemaintainance over decades.

Nothing added. Just pure clay block

  • maximum thermal performance - greater enviromental protection
  • no additional insulation layers
  • natural, ecological, sustainable
  • completely dry before use
  • easy to use with minimal costs

That wonderful low energy house in was built in Inisheer, Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland

Great view on the Cliffs of Moher


  • S 425/8 outside walls
  • TP 115 inside walls


The project applyed for the “Showcase - Made in Germany” by the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The house received the official “Energy Efficiency – Made in Germany” certificate denoting the project as highly energy efficient.


Patti O'Neill, Dipl.-Ing., MRIAI,

O'Neill Architecture,

62 Kenyon Street, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Irland.

Please download:

Description of the project (ONA Island dwelling) here