A brickhouse: For better building and better living

Slitting brick masonry

Make sure to observe the German DIN 1053‐1: 11‐1996 on slits and openings in walls (see table below).

According to DIN 1053 retroactive mortising is not permissible (generally applies to masonry).

Only the use of a wall chaser guarantees that the defined slit depth will be achieved.In addition to this make sure: to maintain the largest possible distance to highly loaded masonry (e.g. below supports), avoidcutting in small pillars, horizontal slits are only admissible in a maximum distance of 40 cm above the ground or below the ceiling.

Mark hole and use standard drillingmachine with diamond dry drillingbit to drill the core hole.

Remove remaining brick particles and cuttings – and the perfect hole for electric installations is ready.

Special wall chaser with 2 diamond cutting wheels and adjustable cut width and depth.

Slitting bricks with a wall chaser.

Cleaning precut slits using hammer and chisel.

Putting the electric installation into the slits.