A brickhouse: For better building and better living

Higher strength block for multi-storey buildings

More important than ever:

The economic monolithic wall for multi-storey buildings

• The fully ceramic ThermoPlan® TS12 for economical construction of building projects according to EnEV up to the KFW 70 standard
• Safe sound insulation with good thermal insulation

It is the further development of the tried and tested ThermoPlan® TS 13. With the TS 12 (new approval of the DIBT 17.1-1107), you can plan multi-family homes and properties even more securely now, for houses that people can also pay and in which they can Really comfortable. Of course in monolithic construction without compromising sound and heat protection. In addition, the ThermoPlan TS 12 is 100% clay block, 100% ceramic and without filling.

Additional insulation layers are not required. Brick + plaster = finished.

Your planning is simplified, is more secure against structural damage and warranty claims. In addition, your building contractor will be able to add value to the building with a demonstrable lower construction costs.

The new ThermoPlan TS 12 combines a high sound insulation dimension (50 dB in 36.5 wall thickness) with a thermal insulation property (Lambda = 0.12 W / mK) sufficient for objects according to EnEV up to the KFW 70 standard. Trademark of the patented ThermoPlan® TS 12 is its characteristic hole geometry, which is specifically designed to meet the noise protection requirements of buildings. The TS 12, for example, has continuous webs that extend from the inside to the outside in wall thickness. Thanks to this patented construction, the brick is stiffened so strongly that the natural vibrations in the brick are minimized and the sound-length line is drastically reduced.

High compressive strength values ​​(permissible compressive stress of 1.4 MN / m² or fk value 3.7 MN / m² according to Eurocode 6) and the classification as a firewall according to REI-M 90 complete the total package.

Flyer ThermoPlan TS 12 hier (DE)

Document of performance (DoP)



• MFH Bad Kreuznach hier
• Hochheim am Main hier
• Wirtschhaftsbau Bad Kreuznach hier
• MFH 14 WE Bad Kreuznach hier
• MFH 10 WE und Tiefgarage Bad Kreuznach hier
• MFH 12 WE Bad Kreuznach hier
• IHK Geschäftsstelle Bad Kreuznach

..and there are much more


The advantages on one view


  • Up to 50% cheaper than alternative wall constructions
  • For EnEV up to KFW 70 standard
  • No combustible building material on the outside wall
  • Fire protection top: test certificate as a fire wall (from 36.5 cm)
  • Sound insulation top: test certificate with 50 dB (in 36.5 cm)
  • Monolithic, sustainable, cost-effective and efficient