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Are you ready to slide?

The JUWÖ WallSlider® System with Construction Adhesive PU700 from Illbruck


PU700 SmartWall Construction Adhesive

SmartWall Construction Adhesive PU700 is all you need in one can, capable of bonding over 20sqm of SmartWall block in one can. PU700 massively saves on installation time and reduces waste significantly. PU700 is a great alternative to SmartWall thin coat mortar adhesive.

PU700 is also incredibly strong and can be used on all widths of SmartWall blocks, and can be supplied with a dedicated applicator for narrower width SmartWall Blocks.

The original, but even better - Everything else is a copy!

  • Incredibly strong adhesive
  • Bonds SmartWall Monolithic Clay blocks
  • Rapid curing - handling of joint within 10 minutes
  • Saves installation time
  • Reduces waste
  • No specialist tools required
  • Less mess
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use 

The next evolution. Bonding 2.0

Quick and clean application of illbruck PU700 glue to JUWÖ glue blocks

  • Dust-free
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Clean

Only use in combination with JUWÖ glue blocks through the building materials trade.

The WallSlider is for sale through the building materials trade.

illbruck PU700 glue incl. accessories is available from the building materials trade.




For working without the WallSlider, we recommend a gun with a short lance, such as the AA234 or the AA254, and the AA700 glue spreader.


The WallSlider!

Preparing I

Apply the mortar and place the first layer of blocks. The ThermoPlan® system requires a perfectly level mortar bed as the basis for the rapid construction of the wall. Once the first layer of bricks has been placed in the mortar layer, the gluing can begin.

Preparing II

The application of a perfectly flat layer, level in both directions, is very important.

Preparing II

The blocks must be flat, clean, free of dust and grease and have sufficient load-bearing capacity. The blocks may be slightly moist. A slightly damp surface promotes the curing speed.

Without WallSlider

Glue 2.0 with the WallSlider!

Let‘s go

Kijk voor alle verwerkingstips en voorwaarden op www.illbruck.com.

Al lot of advantages

The vertical joints close perfectly, thanks to it
tongue and groove system.

Perfect result!

The Wallslider is adjustable in height
for different wall thicknesses. One can
also easily adjust (shorten) the Y-glue distributor.

The WallSlider can be easily adjusted
be used for other uses.



Handling and technical Information

PU700 Multi-Use Construction Adhesive for use with SmartWall Monolithic Clay Blocks

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We also help people with disabilities with the JUWÖ WallSlider. The WallSlider is made by hand in the "Lebenshilfe Workshop" in Bad Kreuznach