A brickhouse: For better building and better living

The new ThermoPlan S7 - This is a wall!


ThermoPlan® S75. Now better and in 36,5 cm width of wall

Perfect solid brick construction.

  • sensational heat insulation right from the start: HTC = 0,19, 0.16* W/(m²K) to HTC = 0.14* W/(m²K) (passive house qualities)
  • relatively high mass stores heat and cold – natural air conditioning
  • excellent heat protection in summer
  • improved noise insulation
  • more options for architectural design due to enhanced cross section of the wall and window benches deserving this description again.
  • dry right from the start: maximum residual moisture content from 0.1 to 0.5 %
  • energy efficient houses from KfW 70 to passive houses are possible without complex technology
  • easy, simple, efficient and economic – the eternal wall, this is real sustainability.


THIS is a wall !

With the new ThermoPlan S75 JUWÖ and Mein Ziegelhaus once again substantiate their position as leading innovator in the field of wall construction.S class ThermoPlan® bricks (S9, S8) achieve highest insulation values – without fillings and other additional insulation material.

ThermoPlan S75 defines the standard of monolithic construction culture and is the leading product in this series. It is available only for a wall thickness from 36,5 cm – this is perfect massive brick construction.

*Based on plaster recommendation: outside: 20 mm lightweight fibre plaster (WLZ 0,10 W/mK) e.g. System-Leichtputz M 74 by Franken Maxit or equivalent inside: 15 mm gypsum plaster (WLZ (0,30 W/mK). With standard lightweight fibre plaster HTC amounts to 0.17 W/mK or 0.15 W/mK, respectively




Preparation of external walls according to plan using JUWÖ ThermoPlan S75 (approval 17.1-1140 apparent density class 0.60, compression strength class 6,

Thermal conductivity coefficient λR = 0 075 W/(m2K) with thin-bed mortar in VD procedure, height compensation bricks and slab edge bricks.

a) wall thickness 36.5 cm ________ m3 à _________ EUR/m3 = ________________EUR

b) wall thickness 42.5 cm ________ m3 à _________ EUR/m3 = ________________EUR

c) wall thickness 49.0 cm ________ m3 à _________ EUR/m3 = ________________EUR